January 23, 2015

How to choose scarf for jacket, with the fashion trends

You dominated by bright or dark colors in the exterior?
- Yes, I have dark hair and brown eyes. Well, then your choice - down jackets dark colors: olive, dark gray, dark blue, burgundy ... If while still high contrast, and you go black - perhaps a black jacket in the style of Ā«total blackĀ» - your option.

No, I'm blonde. Well, then either light pink or light gray, or even light beige options. White? Only if this coat, down jacket from Mason (joke, as long as it was stylish).

You have a bright appearance?
- Yes, I'm a brunette, and beige color wear with caution. Congratulations, you can safely wear a bright red jacket. And you will not get lost in the crowd, and your face - on a background of down jackets. And the black can calmly. But beige - not really.

Yes, I'm blonde, I have a wheat golden hair and eyes like cornflowers. Well, then down jackets pink, peach, orange, blue and tomato red flowers - your decorating.

But not a black jacket! Not so:

No, I do not know what shade "ashy" my blond hair, and my guess cannot even professionals. Well ... beige, gray, and most importantly - Olive Park fur (khaki).
Good too powdery colors (the pink, which is great to go gray) and sand.

You contrasting appearance?

Yes, I "Snow White," as Kristen Stewart. Combine dark jacket with a bright scarf or wear a "50 shades of gray" - you are aromatic and contrast in brightness. You can make a "stretching" of color from black to white, through gray, or through any other pale colors (blue, khaki, brown, burgundy).

No, I have hair, skin and eyes are not far apart in brightness. For example, dark skin, brown eyes and dark brown hair. Go back to Step 1, choose the down jacket dark color (not black!) And to him - the same level of lightness, but different color accessories. For example, dark blue jacket and burgundy scarf. If you add bright colors - it is not white and milky, light beige, light pink (powdery), khaki (he has a lot of shades, you need to find your own).

For blondes similar:
Color determined now styles.
Here are two questions: what the weather conditions and what your preferred style of dress.
With weather conditions everything is simple, your memory will tell you what last winter was. Though too - a moot point, because some people manage to start wearing a down jacket with almost the Indian summer, while it they fall, fine, if not - no sleeve (now fashionable).
Weather conditions dictate the length and thickness of down jackets. For example, a jacket, which is now worn under a coat, as before were. In autumn it can be worn on their own.

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